Call for Papers - Irrigation and Land Tenure - Cahiers Agricultures

As part of the COSTEA project and in collaboration with the journal Cahiers Agricultures, we coordinated a special edition on irrigation and land tenure.
The aim of this special edition is to analyse how land tenure issues are reflected in the multiple realities of irrigated areas, but also to consider how the specificities of irrigated territories prompt us to rethink the issues and debates on land tenure.
We called for contributions based on various geographies and/or irrigated contexts.
The first stage was to submit an abstract (500-1000 words) by 19/06/2021 including a few key references to the coordinators of this special edition:
copying in:
You can find more details here.
The English version of the Call for Papers: Irrigated Land Tenure: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Irrigation Development is available here.