Groundwater management

Why groundwater management?

Groundwater is currently used to irrigate more than 100 million hectares, i.e. one third of the world's irrigated areas. It has enabled the economic development of many regions but is often overexploited, which raises questions about the sustainability of agricultural systems and so of the populations that depend on them.

What do we do?

A group of experts (officials from the ministries of COSTEA's partner countries, researchers, experts and doctoral students) was set up to share their knowledge and experience on groundwater management. They have produced a Policy Brief and a Policy Paper on the subject, which you can find in the 'Further Reading' section below. A seminar is planned for 2021 to share the findings with a wider audience.



Preventing groundwater degradation POSTER

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Preventing the Deterioration and Overexploitation of Groundwater (in English) LEYRONAS S, PETIT O – 2020, Policy Brief, AFD éditions n°3, 2p

Groundwater management in Morocco: Between agricultural development priorities and environmental concerns – del VECCHIO K – 2020Poster