Economic analyses of irrigation projects

Our main publications

Click on the images to download the economic guide, available in English and French, the background note on the economic analyses and the action poster.

Why economic analyses of irrigation projects?

Our commitment to this topic stems from two main observations:

  • the weaknesses of the economic studies conducted in the framework of the feasibility analysis or design of irrigation projects, partly due to the brevity of the ToR that define the services; the choice to focus more on technical considerations, and; the limited resources allocated to these studies (time/budget);
  • the mismatch between the analysis methods requested based on a relatively standardised approach (cost-benefit analysis/calculation of internal rate of return) and the specific objectives of each hydro-agricultural investment project.

What do we do?

One of our working groups has taken up economic issues related to irrigation, and is focusing more specifically on the roles and ways of carrying out economic analyses of irrigation projects. A study is currently underway on optimising and providing practical recommendations for conducting ex-ante economic analyses adapted to the characteristics of hydro-agricultural projects.


The preparatory document of the action:

A webinar was held on the economic guide on 31 May 2022. You can download its presentation (in French). You can send us your comments on the publications, and in particular on the guide, to the following address:, specifying the reference 'Guide d’analyse économique' (Economic analysis guide) in the e-mail subject line.