Innovations in irrigated systems

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Why innovations in irrigated systems?

Innovation is one of the driving forces behind the economic development of territories. It often stems from a local initiative resulting from a response to a constraint (adaptation/resilience) or to an economic opportunity, and results in the improved performance or resilience of an irrigated production system.

It can thus take the shape of a technical, economic and/or social innovation inherent to a given region, or the local adoption/adaptation of technology or good practices originating from elsewhere. On another scale, we can also consider institutional innovations that have had direct positive impacts (observable or measurable) on irrigated systems.

What do we do?

We have launched a first call for contributions - 'Call for Innovations' - in order to collect a first batch of innovation proposals that will be analysed by a review committee made up of COSTEA members. If your proposal is selected, you will be asked to present and illustrate an Innovation Description File in French or English. You may be awarded a €500 bonus for the finalisation of the files that will be published on our website to be shared with our entire network.

Call for Innovations process
  • November 2021: launch of the first Call for Innovations.
  • November 2021: first selection committee leading to the selection of three new innovations.
  • February-March 2022: support for the finalisation of the three selected innovation sheets to be shared on the website.
  • June 2022: a second selection committee is planned.

The call remains open and we look forward to your contributions!


The action poster:

You can consult the Call for Innovations – June 2022 (in French)

You can download the application form and innovation file (in French)